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Shianne on “View from the Bay” Jan 14, 2010

Amy Hildreth (Maryland) from Season 3 – Biggest Loser

My name is Shianne Lombard. For over 13 years I have been changing lives and educating people on how to live work more efficiently in the gym! I offer IN-HOME, APARTMENT GYM, OUTDOOR BOOTCAMPS, and work out of two Personal Training PRIVATE STUDIOS (Canton- KILO and Fells Point- SANCTUARY BODYWORKS ).

So many times I have seen people kill themselves in the gym with little results. I truly feel people are trying to do the right thing but are simply not EDUCATED with regards to fitness. I always say I could not walk into your job, sit down at your desk and expect to do your work efficiently. Why should you expect you can just walk into a gym and know exactly what to do. Simply EDUCATE yourself on how to make better decisions! Work more efficiently, use the correct weight, repetitions, sets, rest period, flexibility, cardiovascular intensity and time. USE YOUR TIME WISELY AND SEE THE RESULTS